French Open 2017 Predictions: There is just a couple of weeks to see the greatest Tennis players take on each other at 2017 French Open. Today, we are here with a tender French Open 2017 predictions and not to forget that Roger Federer is going to be in turn after the knee surgery. So it will be exciting to see how he can make himself in a position for the 2nd Grand slam of the year.

French Open 2017 Predictions:

In contrast, Novak Djokovic is in his form, someone can expect him to secure the competition. But nevertheless, he has not gained the title of French Open yet. Stan Wawrinka is recognized as the most progressed player in the French Open because he got the Grand slam during the past year. He has a knowledge of performing in Red Clay courts which could be an advantage for him to make it through French Open finals. Lets take a look at who make in our leading 5 list who could win Roland Garros 2017 French Open:

Roger Federer:

We cannot keep Roger Federer away from action. isnt it? All of us realize about him that he can do his opponents when he is in form. He won 17 grand slams in total and he received the first grand slam at Wimbledon in the year of 2003.

I still keep in mind that time when he got his first grand slam. Never to forget that he also won French Open in 2009, this guy is generally first in my list to succeed the championship this season. The fact that, at present, Roger Federer just recovered from his knee surgery, quite a few concern about his form for French Open 2017. The volume of experience he gathers and the way he plays, he is still favorite player of many tennis fans.

Novak Djokovic:

I cannot use any word to explain this Siberian player. Hes definitely one of the best talented tennis players, I have seen over my life.

The way he has perfected himself since he got his very first grand slam in Australian Open 2008 is something awesome. Although he didnt win a single title in the year of 2010, he didnt lose hope. After then, he never came across back and gained 11 grand slams title till now. To be honest, he is in the 2nd position here because he has not won French Open title yet in spite of having 3 chances in the Final towards Nadal and Wawrinka.

Stan Wawrinka:

If you dont forget what he performed to Djokovic in French Open Final in the last year, you will for sure track him to win this year as well.

Whilst, he is positioned at No.4 in the rankings for ATP, he may turn into the perfect on the Red Clay ground. The guy from Switzerland has 2 grand slam championship titles on his name and he has the capability to win against any opponent on his day. The range of shots, use of forehand, diving from left to right of the court and many more made him an excellent player in the recent time.

Andy Murray:

Murray is the winner of 2013 Wimbledon Championships, US Open 2012 finally seems to be back in form! After losing to Djokovic at Australian Open 2016 final, he would opt for a determination to clinch the grand slam of French Open title that year.

Although, he didnt seem to trouble the Siberian at Australian Open, he could change the gears at any time at all. Murray stands Fourth in our listing of French Open 2017 predictions simply because you cannot avoid thinking about these 3 guys ahead of him.

Rafael Nadal:

The lefty player has lost his form just after the injury at the end of 2014. Since 2005, he didnt get a chance to secure the French Open title, except 2009 and 2015. As a whole, he won 9 times in the grand slam of French Open.

It is pretty obvious that Nadal enjoys performing in Red Clay courts and he could be effective than any other player in todays entire world. But once it comes to his recent form, he has hardly made any effect following his injury.

Possibly, the injury is the main reason for what he is today or perhaps the form of which other players are stopping him to win the Grand Slam titles last a couple of years. On the other hand, he gained 9 titles of French Open till now and he stands out as the hot favorite to get the title this season as well.

We have a pool in the site-bar to vote, we just display these most favorite 5 players name who could win French Open title this year. We expect that you enjoy reading the French Open 2017 prediction. If you want to find more details about the grand slam, bookmark our website now. We will rapidly update more about 2017 French Open, till then keep tuned!

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