Roland Garros 2017 Prize Money : French open 2017 is one of the top four tennis grand slam tournaments that are gamed each year. The French open is the 2nd grand slam tournament of the season. It is the ancient tennis events and it began in 1891.

The prize money featured in the tennis grand slam competitions have seen hike during the earlier several years. Be it the Australian Open, French Open, US Open or Wimbledon, the management has raised the winning amount to a tremendous standard.

Roland Garros 2017 Prize Money Breakdown:

French open 2017 is also set to see a complete raise of 12% in prize money pool getting it to immense €36 million overall. Both the men’s & women’s singles champions are set to get €2,1 million ($2.39 million) while runners up takes home €1m.

This hike in prize money is due to the stop by the importance of euro as compared to US dollar. This made the French Open get behind other Grand Slams. In the year of 2014, the authorities invented a growth of 14% and in the following year again increased the amount by 12.5%. Its definitely taken the French Open close to the US Open and the Wimbledon. However you can find a dip in the value of euro which has pressed the organization to offer a greater amount as prize money.

French Open 2017 Prize Money Breakdown:

Single winner of Men and Women will get huge €2.10 million each while the runners up in both singles categories getting home about €1 million.

Total prize money issued for singles event is expanded from €19.4 million to massive €21 million (€10.5 for mens singles and also €10,5 for women’s event) below is the introduction to Prize Money in all different categories and stages of the tournament.

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