Australian Open 2017 Wall Chart Download : The Australian Open 2017 is likely to be the most eagerly anticipated of the upcoming tennis tournaments. The prospect of nail-biting matches featuring the likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray in the Men’s Draw, and Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova in the Women’s Draw is music to the ears of many a tennis worshipper.

Australian Open 2017 Wall Chart Download

Australian Open Tennis 2017 Wall Chart

Most tennis fans to wish to visit Mebourne or to check out the tournament from the comfort of their homes will have to be acquainted with various details pertaining to the schedule of the tournament, its venue, tickets, etc. All these details have been visited upon in earlier articles, but it will be judicious to revisit them here. This is because they will together be responsible for the creation of the great wall charts. These charts are a ready reckoner of sorts, and contain information about a variety of details pertaining to the tournament. This involves information about the venue and the schedule of the tournament, along with details regarding the hows and whys of the ticket booking process.

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Australian Open 2017 Wall Planner

These wall charts are released by several websites, and in addition, hard-copy editions of these charts can be had easily as well. Melbourne itself provides some hard-copy versions of excellent wall charts.

So let us now acquaint ourselves with the kinds of information which may be present on such charts. Regarding the schedule, we have already seen that the Australian Open commences on the 16th of January, and lasts till the 29th. Actually, the tournament as a whole gets underway on the 11th, but only the qualifying matches are held before the 16th.

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Australian Open 2017 Wall Chart PDF

The actual venue of the tournament is Melbourne Park, located in Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne. Melbourne Park consists of several courts on which the matches are held. It would be wise to know about these courts, for all such details will be a regular feature of the wall charts. The main courts are the Rod Laver Arena, the Hisense Arena and the Margaret Court Arena. The Men’s and Women’s Finals will all be held at the Rod Laver Arena. The seeding for the tournament will be established after the first few tournaments of 2017, and will be a key factor in determining who plays whom. In addition to the 64 men and women’s players, there will be several wildcards.

All such information will be presented on the wall charts, and those who wish to visit Melbourne, or watch the tournament from the comfort of their homes, should think of getting themselves one. These wall charts will be of much use.

These wall charts downloads will be a hot commodity very soon. To download the latest Wall chart for Australian Open 2017, Please keep visiting this place and wait for the links to be placed. Thank You!

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